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Why Hueston Woods Park as a mid-point stop?

With the success of the Hero's Ride has also come tragedy for our motorcycle family. On September 14, 2008, the 4th Annual Hero's Ride pulled out of the Fairfield VFW Hall on a path for Hueston Woods Park and a final stop at the Fairfield Village Green. As the ride made it's way to Hueston Woods winds started to pick up and by the time the ride make it to the beach area there were substantial wind gusts - later we would find out that Hurricane Ike was leaving a path of destruction through the Ohio Valley.

As the remaining riders were lead out of the park the high winds caused a large tree to fall on one of the ride "sweeps" for the event. Stephanie Marie and Thomas James Bobinger II passed away that day - leaving behind family, friends and sadly a young daughter. We remember them every day that passes - the tree that played a part in this tragedy is located between the beach and the golf course road exit (after passing the golf course we will turn left onto Main Loop Rd., the tree will be on your left shortly after turning).

A plaque has been placed on the tree as a sign to all who pass that they will never be forgotten.


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The full route will not be posted this year.

2017 Hero's Ride Route